Our Work and Impact

  • Acting from “Within” as opposed to from “Without”

    For both Sotiria and me, this is the first time to work directly in a rural community. We cannot speak Karen, and at the village, we do not have any interpreters and/or brokers to mediate between the community and us. There are some English speakers, but we do not feel like asking for too much […]
  • WEAVE and weaving, an oasis of hope

    2017 marks the 27th year of refugee confinement and the existence of WEAVE on the Thai-Myanmar border. This prolonged encampment and with no clear sight of the future makes the life of Karen and Karenni displaced people very hard. Their everyday challenges marked by mass poverty and despondency are compounded by a number of other […]
  • Empowering ethnic Burmese women through weaving

    This article first appeared in www.wfto-asia.com website. Edited by Mitos Urgel, Executive Director, WEAVE Foundation Author: Bianca Caruana, The Altruistic Traveller A different world lies beneath our visions as refugees struggle to find any form of identity or belonging in a country that will not accept them. Thousands of Burmese refugees live in camps along the […]